Interactivity – Put out a question to your listeners over the course of your podcast. Offer a call-in line that’ll send you calls as attachments via email, then use a free conversion tool like Audacity to convert those wav files to mp3. Those files can then be strung together and uploaded to your podcast, so that callers can make suggestions on things they’d like you to cover and the issues they want to hear about.

Until the final papers are signed and business assets transferred; don’t spill the beans. Not to your friends, not to your employees and not even to your family. Only trusted men, who will add value to sweeten the deal should be made aware; you core business team as well should be involved in the deal.

BUSINESS NEWS In my opinion, the major cause of many business failures is because of the short term get-rich-quick mindset a lot of entrepreneurs bring into the business world. When business is approached from the viewpoint of making it fast [quick] rather than making it last [thrive], then failure is inevitable.

BUSINESS IDEA Research: Learn everything you can about your intended prospects and your market, about products or services already being bought in your market, and about your competitors. But, don’t get paralyzed by analysis. Learn what you can quickly and move on to the next step.

If you believe in a new business idea and it doesn’t work does that mean you don’t work? judi online not. It means you find another new business idea, or you create a new business idea or you buy into a new business idea and you compound your efforts with the effort of your Team and your Community that surround you.

It’s not something that we like to think about, but having a backup plan for running our BUSINESS in the event of our passing is something that we really DO need to think about. There is so much to cover. Forget about the running of the business itself. What about tax time? What about having somebody being accountable for your debts? What about all the secret passwords and web sites? Does your family know where they all are? Do they even have a phone number to call in order to get info from?

The point is, ideas, in and of themselves, rarely have much value one way or another. It is nearly impossible to say one is good while another is bad. We all have that friend who shouts from their couch at commercials that the product is stupid, or that they thought of it years ago. What is the difference between them and the person who is making all that money selling those products and/or services? Effort.